No smoke and mirrors... No shell games... No silly car cliches...

Central Vermont’s source for the sales and service of fine pre-owned Imports. For the last 33+ years, SNOWFIRE has built its reputation with a refreshingly honest "do the right thing" approach. That same tradition continues with the ever-growing sales end of SNOWFIRE. All of our pre-owned quality vehicles are pedigreed. In fact, you might be interested in learning exactly what "SNOWFIRE certified" means. SNOWFIRE will never sell a rebuilt or salvaged vehicle. Life is filled with enough gambles. SNOWFIRE feels your safety and your vehicle's future should not be one of those gambles. Thanks for visiting our site. Don't be shy to contact us, and we hope to hear from you.

Disclaimer: SNOWFIRE Auto Sales LTD is a totally independent dealer and servicer of pre-owned vehicles. We have NO affiliation with any new automobile franchises or manufacturers. And that's the way we like it!